Update: 6/1/19
We screened today at the Southeast Regional Film Festival. Here is an interview on on Scribbler’s Corner podcast with Writer/Director, Fred Zara
Fred Zara-life-as-art-making-movies-from-memoir

Update: 5/13/19
We had a wonderful festival premiere at the New York City Independent Film Festival. Thank you all for coming out!

Now it’s onto Silver Screen International in Tampa and Southeast Regional in Jacksonville.

Update: 3/14/19
We’re very excited to announce that The Suicide of James Rider will be screening on May 9th at the 10th Annual New York City Independent Film Festival.


Update: 8/19/18
We had a wonderful Cast & Crew preview of the film today at the wonderful Enzian Theater in Central Florida. The response to the film was amazing!

Update: 5/26/18
Cast and crew screening will be held on August 19th in Central Florida. Stay tuned for ticket information.

Update: 4/23/18
On Monday, April 23rd, on the banks of the Econ River, production for the film came to an end. Now onto post-production!
Update: 2/18/18
We had a wonderful table read on Sunday evening. The first day of production will be March 22nd. Very exciting!!

Update 12/13/17

After a long campaign we successfully raised the money needed to start planning production. We are hoping to start shooting by late March or early April of 2018.